Joint-Stock Company UAB DATACOM was founded 24.12.1997 as a 50/50 % Lithuanian-German joint venture with the goal to provide ITC systems integration in general and particularly for command and control systems (of "911"- type). We were working in partnership with Kreutler GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany, as well as with other local and foreign ITC companies.

Now DATACOM team consists of a group of young enthusiasts - professionals in their respective areas of business. These areas include: ITC system integration, support and administration; internet and web technologies; and multimedia. ITC system integration solutions includes consulting, system analysis, design (either customisation or turn-key solutions with custom software development when necessary) and implementation. Internet technology solutions include on-line information system development, VPNs, intranets, hosting, etc. Web technology solutions include website design and web application development. Multimedia solutions include flash, audio, video and animation.

DATACOM Company is customer oriented. Total customer satisfaction is our goal.